Every Receipt.
In One Place.

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Create Folders

Categorize receipts into folders for easy organization.

View Flyers

Browse digital flyers from your favourite retailers.

Add Tags

Add tags to receipts to make retrieving them simple.

Analytics Dashboard

Intuitive analytics dashboard to see how you spend.

Search Receipts

Search through receipts by store name or item by item.

Camera Scanner

Scan paper receipts when digital is not an option.

Get Organized

Automate collecting your receipts

Our AI will automatically detect every receipt you receive.

Search, sort, and send receipts

Create folders, add tags, and search by store or item by item.

See how you spend

Recimply's intuitive dashboard helps you understand your spending habits.

Stay Secure

Protect your identity

Corporate data leaks rose over 43% in 2022.

Secure your receipts

Recimply follows best practices to keep data safe.

Comply with regulations

Recimply stores your receipts in compliance with all regulations.

Go Green

Reduce paper waste

Recimply helps you make the switch to fully digital receipts.

Cut down emissions

Lower the amount of carbon emitted to produce paper receipts.

Track your impact

Our Eco Dashboard lets you see the real impacts of going digital.

The Impact of Paper Receipts

Every year in the United States alone, 10 million trees and 21 billion gallons of water are used to produce paper receipts.

Toxic Chemicals

Paper receipts are coated in BPA and BPS - hormone disrupting chemicals that have been linked to diabetes, obesity, ADHD and breast and prostate cancers.

Not Recyclable

Because of the chemical coatings found on paper receipts, they are also not recyclable. This leads to over 600 million pounds of unnecessary paper waste each year.